2011-12 Cost vs. Value: Interactive Map for Remodeling Projects

2011-12 Cost vs. Value: Interactive Map for Remodeling Projects

Find out which remodeling projects will provide the biggest bang for your buck this year. Fortunately, you can see the information at National, Reginal or Area level.

Optimizing the use of space in a home will not only attract buyers but also give sellers more bang for their buck, according to Remodeling’s “2011–12 Cost vs. Value Report,” conducted in cooperation with REALTOR® Magazine and NAR’s HouseLogic.com

.The report looks at the estimated cost and expected resale return of 35 midrange and upscale remodeling projects in 80 markets. The estimated costs and returns were derived from a survey of more than 3,000 REALTORS® conducted last summer. As in past years, REALTORS® picked exterior projects to recoup the most at resale…

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Real Estate market accelerating in all areas

Real Estate market accelerating in all areas
CoreLogic’s September MarketPulse report, a monthly economic publication that provides insight into the current and future health of the U.S. economic climate with emphasis on housing and mortgage metrics, found that while robust economic growth remains elusive, the housing market is accelerating in all areas. Home sales are up, mortgage performance is improving, and prices are rapidly improving.

Land is a critical cyclical component that drives home values. Currently land share of total home value is historically low, but if land sales begin to increase rapidly, home prices could rise more quickly than traditional income and rent-to-price fundamental indicators warrant, and would contribute to overall economic growth.

The newly introduced CoreLogic Real Estate Strength Index (RESi™), is a monthly index that compares and ranks the quality, sustainability and health of metropolitan markets by incorporating economic, real estate and mortgage factors.

According to RESi, the majority of the most-improved U.S. housing markets are in western markets, which peaked and bottomed earlier than many eastern and southern markets. Boise, Idaho, holds the top spot for most improved, followed by Phoenix, Ariz. and West Palm Beach, Fla…

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For-sale listings drop again, led by California cities

For-sale listings drop again, led by California cities
Inventories fell in August by 1.2 percent from July, bucking a seasonal pattern of a slight uptick before the summer season ends. Listings were down by 18.7 percent from one year ago and 34.1 percent from two years ago, according to a report from Realtor.com…

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Orange County Real Estate and Homes For Sale – Aug. ’12

(Orange County) Chart Definitions & Analysis:
Month’s Supply of Inventory (MSI)– Thischart showsthe time, in months, that it would take to “sell” the remaining inventory for the month in question. This metric is a “one number summary” of how market supply and demand are changing from month to month. (0-3months– indicate that supply & demand are converging, 4-6 months – indicate that S&D are in balance, 7+ months – indicate that S&D are diverging). This month shows a decrease compared to the last month.
Median for sale Price vs. Median sold price– Thischart showsthe median price of properties listed For Sale (a measurement of seller expectations) compared with the median price of properties that have successfully Sold (a reflection of buyer activity) during the time period chosen. The difference in these two median prices speaks volumes about how buyers and sellers perceive the same set of market conditions. In a balanced market most properties “sell” within 10% of their “final” list price. This month shows an increase on Median Sold Prices as well as the Market Expectation compared to the last month.
The Number of New Properties Listed by Month– Thischart showsthe number of the properties that came into the market each month for the time period chosen. This metric is a leading indicator of the “rate” at which new inventory is entering (resupplying) the market. A useful exercise is to compare it with the “rate” at which properties are leaving the market (the number of under contract properties which represent current demand). This month shows a decrease compared to the last month.
The Number of Under Contract Properties by Month– Thischart showsthe number of properties that went under contract each month during the time period chosen (a buyer and seller have successfully negotiated a purchase contract and have opened escrow). This metric is a direct measure of current sales activity and a leading indicator of market demand. This month shows an increase compared to the last month…


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Why buying a New Home might work better for you?

Why buying a New Home might work better for you?

. Your Home your style
When shopping among existing homes, buyers have to take the previous owners’ style into consideration. Do you pay even more to redecorate or do you make do with someone else’s choices? A new home, however, provides you with numerous design, color and material options. Having the luxury to tailor a home to your tastes can be one of the greatest features of buying a new home.

. New Home Warranties
New home buyers are assured at least a one-year warranty on the home itself and, in some cases, components such as major appliances and windows may have further coverage periods provided by their manufacturers. And in California, homebuilders are required to guarantee the home to be free of structural defects for a full 10 years! That means new home buyers are assured quality construction in their new homes! There’s no second-guessing the work a previous owner might have done (or not done!).

. Home Location Within a Community
Location, location, location. Not only do new home buyers get to choose which beautiful new home community they want to live in, they also get to select their individual unit or home site within that community. Would you prefer your bedroom get morning sun or afternoon sun? Would you prefer to live near the park or on a cul-de-sac?

. Convenient Financing
In today’s market, securing financing for home ownership can be tedious and stressful. Builders usually simplify this process by partnering with lenders in order to get the most competitive rates and appropriate financing package for you.

. Low Maintenance
Why worry about upgrading or constantly maintaining your home if you don’t have to? Most reputable Builders use the latest and greatest materials that technology can offer. The result? New homes are virtually maintenance-free for many years.

. Floor Plans
Never thought about the convenience of modern floor plans? Take a tour of many existing homes and you’ll find bad layouts and wasted or unusable space. New home buyers, however, have a variety of modern layouts and styles to choose from that are suitable to any family.

. Energy Efficiency
New homebuilders are required by law to meet stricter energy codes than in the past, which benefits YOU, the consumer. This is an enormous cost-saving benefit when considering the costs of fuel and energy today. Many existing homes were built when energy codes were either more lenient or nonexistent.

. Modern Appliances
Appliance manufacturers introduce new models every year and homebuilders are able to offer the latest state-of-the-art equipment at the time of completing a new home. And, because Builders buy for the entire production of new home, the purchasing power often reduces the buyers’ costs.

. Safer Homes
New homebuilders are required by law to meet stricter safety and building codes than in the past, which benefits YOU, the consumer. Many existing homes were built when safety codes were either more lenient or nonexistent. This brings an enormous piece of mind for you and your family.

. Appreciation
The typical home needs remodeling after 25-30 years. Since new homes have an assured longer life, appraisals are generally higher than on comparable existing homes. That means new homes will likely sell for a higher value in the future.

. Savings & Insights
The “REBATE” in your pocket (check my website for details) is actually equivalent to paying a lower purchase price. When you have me on your side you’ll get my opinion on Builder’s construction tracks, current real estate trends, popular floor plans, market situation in the area, etc… which might be  even more beneficial to you and your family right now and in the future.

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Short Sale, how to minimize the anxiety and expedite the process.

Short Sale, how to minimize the anxiety and expedite the process.

Short Sales have many horror stories and examples of failures. Often times, after many months of patiently waiting and negotiating with the servicers and the investors your efforts get to nowhere but disappointments!  You will need a strong and experienced team of experts on your side to minimize the anxiety level and expedite the process.  When we work together, you will not only have me as a companion in your short sale journey but you will also have the support of my short sale negotiation and technology team. This powerful network of tough short sale experts consists of seasoned attorneys and processors that will accompany and help us to streamline the short sale negotiation process.  This user friendly platform will keep all the involved parties connected and informed throughout the short sale process.  One of the highlights of this service will be the fact that it will be provided to you at absolutely NO EXTRA charge*. After all, you do not need another financial burden to worry about in this stage of your life!
*Offer subject to change without prior notice.

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